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Volume 1, Number 1
November - December, 2000
History of Hex Lures
 Mania for Miniatures
Archery's Golden Decade
Carolina Shorebirds
Collecting Jack Miner
Wolfe Island Legacy

Volume 1, Number 2
January - February, 2001
Ocracoke Decoys
Springfield Lures
Classic Tackle Challenge

Record-Breaking Goose
Trap Collecting Primer
Waterfowl Jewelry

Volume 1, Number 3
March - April, 2001
Great American Artist
Pilentary Hunting Club

Lucky Strike Lures
Jensen Decoys
Lefever Guns



Volume 1, Number 4
May - June, 2001
Treasures In the Mail
Michell Fulcher
Sporting Cigar Boxes

The Gathering
Christy's Other Game
Ike Walton Lures

Volume 1, Number 5
July - August 2001
Louisiana Decoys
Gopher Baits

Rating Duck Calls
Core Sound
Waterfowl Museum


Volume 1, Number 6
September - October 2001
Portsmouth Island Decoys
Ken Martin Goose Calls

Wis. Long-Necked Cans
Muskie Floats




Volume 2, Number 1
November - December, 2001
Parker Shotguns
Canoe Museum
Antique Outboards
Allen Weidhaas
Folk Art Lures
Hand-Forged Traps

Volume 2, Number 2
January - February, 2002
Evans Decoys - Turkey Calls
Salmon Plug Boxes
Trapping - Handmade Lures
Artic Collectibles

Volume 2, Number 3
March - April, 2002
Brant Decoys
Shotshell Boxes
Fish Decoys
Powder Flasks
Weber Tackle Co.

Volume 2, Number 4
May - June, 2002
Brink Lane Decoys - Marathon Bait Co. - Lucky Louie Plugs
Henry Max - "Tex" Aguzin - Evans Decoys

Volume 2, Number 5
July - August, 2002
Handmade Lures
Old Winchesters

Perez Decoys
Charlie Bishop Calls


Volume 2, Number 6
September - October, 2002
Stevens Decoys - The Winchester '92 - Glass Target Balls
"Sleeper" Baits - Sporting Tobacco Tins


Volume 3, Number 1

January - February, 2003
Weller Tackle Co.
Ice Fishing Decoys
Shorebird Whistles

Red Throat Loons
Dester Calls

Volume 3, Number 4
July - August, 2003
Remington Knife Posters
Model Canoes
Rare Shell Boxes
"Mr. X" Redhead
Daisy V/L Rifle
John Kalash Decoys

Volume 3, Number 2
March - April, 2003
Dud Faulk Calls
Del Mauro Decoys
Bear Archery
Joe Lincoln Slat Geese
Macatawa Bait Co.

Volume 3, Number 5
September - October, 2003
Top Winchesters
Shell Box Price Guide
Classic Lures
Perry Hooker Calls
Collecting Knives
Lane Bluebills

Volume 3, Number 3
May - June, 2003
Fish Decoys
Bird Traps
Thompson Boats
"Florida Shinners"
Punt Guns
Old Fishing Rods

Volume 3, Number 6
November - December, 2003
Cochran Duck Calls
Treitler Decoys
Lingcod Plugs
Old Town Canoes
Antique Outboards
Ralph Reghi Cans


Volume 4, Number 1
January - February, 2004
Von Lengerke Legacy
Pflueger Lures
Winchester Boxes
National Trap Show
Johnston Fish Decoys

Volume 4, Number 2
March - April, 2004
Reelfoot Calls
Barto Decoys
Shakespeare Lures
"Black" Chauvin

Volume 4, Number 3
May - June, 2004
North Carolina Decoys
South Bend Lures
Bruning Fish DecoyS
F&S Badges
Eugene Spear Co.
Glodo Duck Calls

Volume 4, Number 4
July - August, 2004
Evans Decoys
Barnegat Bay Decoy Factory
"Fred Gibbon" Fish
Creek Chub Grandson
Best Duck Calls


Volume 4, Number 5
September - October, 2004
Christenson Fish Decoys
William Koelpin Art
Heddon Lures
Beckhart Duck Calls
West Coast Decoys
Delaware River Decoys

Volume 4, Number 6
November - December, 2004
Sibley Restorations
Racine, WI Reels
Meloche Fish Decoys
Schmiedlin Decoys
Evans Mystery


Volume 5, Number 1
January - February, 2005
Early Goose Calls
Vidacovich Decoys
Fish Models
Tom Turpin
Creek Chub

Volume 5, Number 2
March - April, 2005
Old Camps
Haertel Decoys
Stan Gibbs
Austin Cartridge
Chichk Major
Ed Legendre

Volume 5, Number 3
May - June, 2005
Dominion Cartridge Co.
Hutchings Family Decoys
Vintage Flyrod Baits
G.D. Kinney Calls
Federal Shotshells

Volume 5, Number 4
July - August, 2005
Earliest Decoy Factory
Mason Teal
Fishmaster Lures
Old Ammo Co. Pinbacks
High-end Repaints

Volume 5, Number 5
September - October, 2005
Kingston Prison Decoys
Oxley Family Photos
Duck Calls Old & New
Color-Collecting Lures
Vintage Outboards

Volume 5, Number 6
November - December, 2005
Mich. Fish Decoys
Jumbo Pocket Knives
Evans Giants?
Miami Powder Co.
Dennison Calls


Volume 6, Number 1
January - February, 2006
McCaleb Fish Models
Bill Lockhart Carvings
Gananoque Decoys
Earliest Fishing Lures
Long Island Carver

Volume 6, Number 2
March - April, 2006
Martin Jertson Calls - Collecting .22 Boxes
"Christmas" Boxes
Ice Fishing Frogs - Crow Calls
Thousand Island Decoys
Louisiana Carver - Gopher Lures
Live Pigeon Medals

Volume 6, Number 3
May - June, 2006
Gopher Baits & Duckling Lures
Leroy Howell Fish
Arthur Wilkinson Decoys
Terry Norris Calls
Muskie Baits
Sibley Widgeons

Volume 6, Number 4
July - August, 2006
Delta Duck Club
"Doc" Taylor Calls
Tenn. Licenses
A.L. Ripley Art
Old Trapping Catalogs
Bowman-Bunn Letters

Volume 6, Number 5
September - October, 2006
Brimsdown Shell Boxes
Pususta Fish Decoys
John Leeder: Ontario Carver
Jerry Sylvester Lures
Jack Leach Decoys
Women in H&F Ads

Volume 6, Number 6
November - December, 2006
Ontario Carver: Ernie Fox
Keith Mueller Decoys
George Aho Fish
Duncan Taylor Duck Calls
Jack Woolner Lures - "Burlington Birds"
"Pre-Factory" Sibley Decoys


Volume 7, Number 1
January - February, 2007
Crow Calls
Bill Cooper Decoys
Tom Connell Fish
Ojibwa Trout Decoys
Recycled Redheads
First Minnow

Volume 7, Number 2
March - April, 2007
Charlie Buchanan Decoys
Harvey Andersen Fish Decoys
Ammo Co. Calendars
Heddon Lucky 13's
Puckaway Lake Memories

Volume 7, Number 3
May - June, 2007
Remington Die-Cuts
Roger Brookes Fish
Mueller Sea Ducks
Winning Duck Calls
Puckaway Lake Part 2
Decoy Ethics

Volume 7, Number 4
July - August, 2007
Fox River Ice Fishing
Cajun Decoy Carver
Lynn Bogue Hunt
Sam Cox Calls
Scagel Knives
Lavery Family Decoys

Volume 7, Number 5
September - October, 2007
Joe French Collection
Fergus Falls Carvers
Gun Oil Cans
Gary Avadanian
Ray Whetzel
Canada's Dingee Scribner

Volume 7, Number 6
November - December, 2007
Joe French Shorebirds
Ron Kobli Gallery
Bruce Lewis Fish
Rare Shotshell Boxes
Marble's Knives
Million Dollar Decoys


Volume 8, Number 1
January - February, 2008
Canada's Nat. Show
Howard's "Jet" Plugs
Richard Schiebel
Bob Brass Calls
Ferman Eyre Decoys
Rexroat Calls - Sam Hutchings

Volume 8, Number 2
March - April, 2008
Harold Haertel Story
Tim Spreck Fish
Tony Burmek Musky Baits
Joe French-Part IV
Alexandria Bay Decoys
Stan Sparre

Volume 8, Number 3
May - June, 2008
Joe French
Mr. Xyz - Tony Burmek Baits
Part 2 - Ira Skees Decoys
Long Island's John Boyle
Crow Call Gallery
Contemporary Black Ducks

Volume 8, Number 4
July - August, 2008
"Under The Radar" Decoys
5-Hook Minnows
Auction Reviews
Joe French On Mason Decoy Paint
Grayson Chesser
"Pete" Peterson

Volume 8, Number 5
September - October, 2008
Haertel Shorebirds
Royal Hunt Decoys
Remington Bear Cubs
Minn. Fish Decoys
Geoff Mowery Art

Volume 8, Number 6
November - December, 2008
Mueller Mergansers
Goertz Rig - Pei Decoys
Old Catalog Covers
Sean Sutton - Minnesota Fish
Hercules Calendars


Volume 9, Number 1
January - February, 2009
Decoys As Folk Art
Canada's Nat. Decoy Show
Joe French On Miniatures
"Best" Fish Decoys
Gun-Related Advertising

Volume 9, Number 2
March - April, 2009
Puckaway Lake Duck Camp
Charlie Wilson Lures
"Cigar" Daisey
Joe French
Early Decoy Rush
28-Gauge Boxes

Volume 9, Number 3
May - June, 2009
Collecting Decoys
An International Conversation
Lexow Fish Decoys - St. Charles-1985
Marty Collins Decoys
Bartow Duck Calls - Smith Falls Carvers
Mailman Fish Plaques

Volume 9, Number 4
July - August, 2009
Don Preston Spearing Decoys
Charles Frank Interview
John Winsor Decoys
Toronto's J.R. Wells
Louis Zellmer Duck Camp
Joe French Remembered

Volume 9, Number 5
September - October, 2009
Reggie Birch: Chincoteague Carver
Bill Gibian Decoys
Gun Company "Covers"
"Degrees" Of Original Paint
Fred Lexow: The Man, His Art, His Family

Volume 9, Number 6
November - December, 2009
The Field Decoys Of John Tax
John Tax Field Decoys
Gardiner Skinner Trolling Lures
"Dats" Davis Decoys
Jimmie Hanemann: Louisiana Decoy Collector
Alexander Family Eiders (Maine)


Volume 10, Number 1
January - February, 2010
Long Island Cork Shorebirds
Skinner Lures-Part 2
Canada's Nat. Show
Quail Shell Boxes
"Tuts" Lawson On Lloyd Tyler
Historic Gun Auction - Herb Stein Decoys

Volume 10, Number 2
March - April, 2010
Laurent Verdin
Evans Decoys: Close Look
Jan Cummings Lures
Nash Buckingham's
Hazelton Books - Marbles Misc

Volume 10, Number 3
May - June, 2010
Charles Fish - Waterman
Bearinger Decoy Rig
La Crosse Fish Decoys
Eb Norris Lures
David Charles

Volume 10, Number 4
July - August, 2010
J.P. Hand: Carver
Hancock Wood Ducks
Carl Melichar: Dog Artist
Labrador Ducks
St. Paul Fish Decoys
Sporting Bookplates

Volume 10, Number 5
September - October, 2010
Canada's Pei Shorebirds
TR's Fox Shotgun
More La Crosse Fish
Sweet Family Decoys
Bordelon Decoys & Dugouts

Volume 10, Number 6
November - December, 2010
Ammo Advertising
Louisiana's William Hanemann
Leo Mcintosh: American Master
Kansas Carver Orville Smock


Volume 11, Number 1
January - February, 2011
Leo H. Mcintosh, Jr. Part 2
His "Journal" And His Art
Nichol Family Decoys: Redux - Rare Target Balls
Spearfishing Decoys: Regional Schools
Lenny Maiorano Carvings
The "Minnesota Connection" -

Volume 11, Number 2
March - April, 2011
Early North American Canoe Manufacturer
'Sample' Models - 1890-1900
Decoy Factories: What Were They Like
Elmer Or Cleon?
Who Made My Miniature?
Pheasant Run - 1985 Part 5

Volume 11, Number 3
May - June, 2011
1914 Motor Launch by Decoy Carver D.K. Nichol
of Smith Falls, Ontario
Lake Winnebago Fish Decoys
Quebec Decoys - Women Carvers
Elm Lake Days
Ed Borges Cuttyhunk Poppers

Volume 11, Number 4
July - August, 2011
Journey's End: The Nature Morte
Art of Cameron T. McIntyre
Classic Sporting Books - Canada's Bill Ellis
Winnebago Fish Decoys
Pt. 2 - Josh Brewer: Carving Plus
Red Top Outboards

Volume 11, Number 5
September - October, 2011
Fish Carvers Of Lake St. Clair
Fred Destri Decoys
California's Bill Neal
Mark Mccool Whipple
Lost Etchers Of Sporting Art - "Old Joe's Club"
D.W. Nichol Update - "Meine" Brand Sibleys

Volume 11, Number 6
November - December, 2011
Folk Artist/Carver: Roger Mitchell
Harold Haertel Doves
"Blue Streak" Lures
Long Island "Golden Era"
New Milton Weiler Book
Gananoque Lake Decoys


Volume 12, Number 1
January - February, 2012
The Art Of Sculptor/Carver Dale Weiler
Vintage Scagel Knives
Remembering Bud Ward
Brockville's "Island City" Decoys
St. Mary's River Fish Decoys
Powder Horns, Cans, & Flasks

Volume 12, Number 2
March - April, 2012
The Hardwood Carvings Of John T. Sharp
Wildlife Carver Tad
Beach 2nd Generation Masons
Dickerson Bamboo Rods
Lake St. Clair Fish Decoys
Brockville's Wm. Crawford

Volume 12, Number 3
May - June, 2012
George Boyd Revisited
Canada Carver: Robert Kerr
Winchesters By The Case
Billinghurst Fly Reel
Michigan's "B-M-B" Lakes Fish Decoys
Show & Auction Reports

Volume 12, Number 4
July - August, 2012
Vintage Angling Photography
Tony Bose Knives
Classic Art of the "Buffalo Chase"
Rock Zeringue Carvings
Long Island Geese
G.D. Kinney Duck Calls

Volume 12, Number 5
September - October, 2012
"Burlington Birds" Revisited
"Home Run" Baker Rig
First American Minnow
New Jersey Licenses
J.T. Beckhart Calls
Valleyfield's Henri Laviolette

Volume 12, Number 6
November - December, 2012
Canada's Classic Decoys
Henry Driscole: Angler/Artist
Dale Weiler Leopard
Steve Weaver: Cape Cod Carver
MN Park Rapids Fish Decoys
Bud Shell: Artist


Volume 13, Number 1
January - February, 2013
The Folk Art of Thomas Langan
Best Shotshell Boxes
Indiana Style Reel - Classic Canada Decoys
Mini Gun/Ammo
Calendars - J.F. Dodge 1913 Winchester
Minn. Decoy Carver Discovered

Volume 13, Number 2
March - April, 2013
Dr. Lewis Webb Hill (1889-1968)
Part 1 - Elm Lake Days
William Welch Decoys
Roy Willis: Waterman - Musky Lures
Old-Time Fox Hunt

Volume 13, Number 3
May - June, 2013
Builders Woodwork Co. Decoys - C.1930s
Dr. Lewis Webb Hill
Pt. II - John Tax: Another Side
Stewart Wright Decoys
Early Am. Fishing Floats
Another Dodge Swan

Volume 13, Number 4
July - August, 2013
Inside The Workshop With David Ward
Wisconsin's Paul Doering
The "Other" Peterson: 1887-1951
Ontario's William Crysler
Derelict Decoys - Sibley Search

Volume 13, Number 5
September - October, 2013
Long Island's Henry Prussen
"Ervin Veihl" Tower, Mich.
Fish Decoys Pt. 2 - Glodo Duck Calls
Lee Roy Sevin:
Decoys & Otters - Fish Hook History
Ontario's Reg Bloom

Volume 13, Number 6
November - December, 2013
Massachusetts Masterpieces: The Decoy As Art,
An Exhibition At The Museum Of American Bird Art
Core Sound's Curt Salter - Paul Casson - Byron Bruffee
Armistice Day Blizzard
Gananoque's Robert Webster
Jim Nesladek


Volume 14, Number 1
January - February, 2014
Rangeley, Maine Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum
Branded Civil War Era Decoy
Dewey & Baggs Fish Decoys
Larry Rucker: Decoy Pioneer
John Phillip Sousa Guns
Yard Sale Collectibles

Volume 14, Number 2
March - April, 2014
Lou Schifferl: A Lifetime Of Art
Glen's Deadly Streamer
Vintage Fish Traps
Thousand Islands Carver
Punt Gun History
Lake Koshkonong Derelict

Volume 14, Number 3
May - June, 2014
Smiths Falls Ring Bills
Miley Smith: Carver - Boat Builder
Newberry, Mich. Fish Decoys
Herter's Doves
Bert Claflin: Old-Time Duck Hunting

Volume 14, Number 4
July - August, 2014
New England Canada Goose Decoys
Bob May Decoys
Fed. Duck Stamps
Chequamegon Bay Fish Decoys
Evans Society
Old Angling Ads - Show Reports

Volume 14, Number 5
September - October, 2014
Willie Crockett - Louisiana Decoys
No. Carolina Flatties
"Winchester's Finest"
Lester Ruwe Brand
Summer Auction Reports
Art Of The "Eastern Shore" Crocketts

Volume 14, Number 6
November - December, 2014
Dan Kidney Duck Boat
Pflueger's Luminous Lures
Maine Hunting & Fishing Camps
Carolina's Hunt Club Decoys
Collecting Miniature Canoes - Sibley Update


Volume 15, Number 1
January - February, 2015
Sam Bounds: Civil War Vet... Decoy Carver?
Michigan Spearfishing Lures - Canadian Unknown Carvers
Hays Vs. Mason Decoys - John Henry Mckenney
Hunter/Carver - Puffin Story - Auction Reports

Volume 15, Number 2
March - April, 2015
English Pigeon Decoys - Hemingway Reel
Lifetime Of Collecting
Art Kimball Story - Whistler Bros. Decoys
Collecting Miniature Decoys

Volume 15, Number 3
May - June, 2015
Hamlin Boat Works Decoys - Bowman-Bunn: Revisited
Show & Auction Reports - Sig & Ruth Scott Decoys
Heddon Museum - Frank Baron Of Mich. Fish Decoys

Volume 15, Number 4
July - August, 2015
Sibley Decoys In North Dakota, C. 1905
"Reel" Cold Case
Early Long Island Shorebirds
Chris Holmes Decoys
"Ossie" Beuscher Decoys - Oscar Peterson Fish
"Great Depression" Decoy Collector

Volume 15, Number 5
September - October, 2015
Oakwood Lodge
Green Lake, Wisconsin, C. 1918
Ed Mcneil's Thousand Islands Decoys
Guhl Family Decoys
"K" Fish Mystery - Lake St. Clair Fish
Old-Time Carver: Ralph Malpage

Volume 15, Number 6
November - December, 2015
Canada's Nichol-Dixon Decoys?
Oscar Peterson "School"
Fish Decoys - Bowman-Bunn: Last Words?
Yesterday's Lake Puckaway:
People And Decoys - NY State's Rare Reels &
Lures Show & Auction Reports


Volume 16, Number 1
January - February, 2016
Louisiana's Durapau Decoy Rig
Sibley Decoys: The Whitehall Connection
Historic Maine Fishing Camps
Classic Ohio Fishing Lures
Lac Du Flambeau Fish Decoys
Household Material "Critter" Lures

Volume 16, Number 2
March - April, 2016
"One Arm" Kellie Fish
"Thousand Islands" Bufflleheads
California Decoys
Connecticut Tackle
National Show Preview

Volume 16, Number 3
May - June, 2016
Classic Tackle From Pa
One Of-A-Kind Collectibles
"Chalky" Jensen Decoys
A. L. Ripley Drypoints
Auction & Show Reports
Hawk Rescue

Volume 16, Number 4
July - August, 2016
National Show Report
Vintage Long Island Shorebirds II
Rare Indiana Fishing Tackle
Hanson Teal Rig - Frank Mattie's
Pintail Masterpieces
Passenger Pigeon Art

Volume 16, Number 5
September-October 2016
Wisconsin-California Joe Roesling
Maine's Kennebago Lake Camps
Vintage Florida Tackle
Spencer Tinkham: Carver
Auction Show Reports

Volume 16. Number 6
November-December 2016
Pesture Fish Decoys
Rare Missouri Tackle
Gen Lew Wallace Fishing Rod
The Huntleys of Gananoque
Deer Hunting Collectibles


Volume 17, Number 1
January-February 2017
California's "Mac" Mc Gillivary
Classic Illinois Tackle
British Pigeon Decoys
Italian Carver Giovanni Simoncin
Saginaw Bay Fish Decoys

Volume 17, Number 2
March-April 2017
Saginaw Hunt Club Rail Car
Bald Cypress, Tupelo & Louisiana Decoys
Father-Son Art: Milton & Dale Weiler
California Shotgun Shell Makers
Really Rare Reel
Matt Bryant: "Favorite Five Decoys"

Volume 17, Number 3
May-June 2017
Decoys return to Shelburne Museum

Volume 17, Number 4
July-August 2017
Bruce Lowe's "Fav Five" - LA Decoys
"Obscure" Chauncey Reynolds
Rare Texas Tackle
Discovery! Sibley Ringbills
Sonny Bashore's Life & Art
"Hi" Crandall Mallards

Volume 17, Number 5
September-October 2017
Auction & Show Reports
"Cigar" Daisy Remembered
Last Chapter in Mason Decoy History
Real Reel Mystery
Marie Island, California Decoys

Volume 17, Number 5
November-December 2017
Unfinished Carvings from Louisiana
Collectible CA Tackle
Rare Tobin Shotgun
Curt Fabre "Living Legend" Carver
Mergansers: Real & Carved
History "National Sportsman's Show"


Volume 18, Number 1
January - February 2018
Ward Brothers Remembered
Historic Attean Lake Camps
Wisconsin's Collectible Tackle
Show and Auction Reports
Mason Under-Size Decoys

Volume 18, Number 2
March - April 2018
Frank Finney Folk Art
Vintage Handmade Lures
New Jersey Tackle
Nash Buckingham's 'Bo Whoop"
Art & Decoys of George Belmore Browne
Canada's Les Lafluer  & Oliver Hunt

Volume 18, Number 3
May - June 2018
Early Louisianna Decoy Collectors
Ferman Eyre BlackDuck Decoys
Collectible Kentucky Tackle
Branded Sibleys - Who Is J.F.F?
Show and Auction Reports


Volume 18, Number 4
July - August 2018
Bayou Laforche "English Callers"
Alexander Hunter & Cobb Island History
History of the Fishing Spoon
Coastal Louisianna's Ezra Bowers Decoys
Larry Cooks "Favorite Five"
Australian Decoy History


September - October 2018
Volume 18, Number 5
Game Warden Collectibles
Canadian Shooting Box
Lac Du Flambeau Fish Decoys
Wisc. Carver: Julius Worm
Auction Reports
Displaying H&F Collectibles

November - December 2018
Volume 18 Number 6
Historic Bolsa Chica Gun Club
Lunman "Favorite Five" Decoy Pairs
Riply Heurlin
Lassell: Artist Friends
Bill Werber
Major Leaguer & Duck Hunter

Volume 19

Volume 19 - Number 1
January -February 2019
Decoy History of Lake Koshkonong
Decoy Brands of the Rich and Famous
Folk Art of John Tax
Southern Louisiana Paddles and Decoys
Whats it Worth?

Volume 19 - Number 2
March - April 2019
Sacramento's Garibaldi Decoys
Rare Hardy Big Fame Fishing Reels
Grandaddy Bait Company
Other Delaware Decoys
Broonahan Factory Decoys: A Surpise

Volume 19 - Number 3
May - June 2019
Lake Korshkonong Part 2
Top 25 Canadian Decoys: All Time
Jack Minor and His Birds Revisited
Harold Haertel Exabition
Iron River, Mich. Fish Decoy Carvers

Volume 19 - Number 4
July - August 2019
"Return of the Derelicts"
Canada Decoys - David Kavanaugh
California Pintail Mystery
Creek Chib "Special Order" Lures
National Decoy and Dporting
Collection Show

September-October 2019
Volume 19 Number 5
Show and Auction Reports
Dr. Keetler & Gun Clubs of Irvine Beach
Sibley Mystery Solved
Chuck Vogel's Distinguished Fish Decoys
J.D. Reed Duck Calls
New York Central & Hudson River Decoys


November-December 2019
Volume 19 Number 6
Show and Auction Reports
Duck Hunting on an Italian lagoon
The Ward Family and Canada's Delta Marsh
Famous and Not So Famous Decoy Brands



Volume 20

Volume 20 - Number 1
January -February 2020
More Derelict Decoys
Historic Wisconsin Brand
Sporting Ads From 1931
"Snook" Barrett
Master Fish and Duck Craftsman
Remembering Ray Whetzel


Volume 20 - Number 2
March -April 2020
Canada's Big Gun Clubs
George Sibley's Last Hunt at Hennepin Club
Richard le master; Gorfather of Decoy Carvers
Louisiana Decoy EnigmaFred Johnsons Decoys
Yves Laurent: Making New "Old Decoys

Volume 20 - Number 3
May -August 2020
Peters Cartridge Collection
Shramm/Walters Family of Lake St. Clair
Identifying Eastern Ontario Decoys
Collecting Shed Antlers
Dynes Big Decoys of Lake Ontario


Volume 20 - Number 4
September - December 2020
First Decoy Remembered
"The Shell" The Hunt for Redemption
Decoy Head Patterns and Long Island History
Hunting and Fishing Ephemera
Louisiane Decoys and Frances J. Uzee


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