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Dear H&FC Subscriber:

After a 20-year run with our magazine, Stan and Deb, the H&FC Magazine publishers made the decision to end the publication with the 2020 December issue. 

However, this decision upset our readers deeply. Our email inbox was flooded with "Inventory list" requests and orders for individual issues we had left. Each letter was accompanied with regrets regarding the magazine closure and wishes for our future endeavors.

It was clear that there was still a large demand for the type of content we provided, so we decided to pivot and focus on our digital platforms. A new editorial team was assembled to re-launch our website,, and resurrect the digital versions of older articles . And while we miss the print product, we’re excited about the new opportunities digital provides us to connect with our readers.

If you were a fan of Stan and Deb, don't despair. Although they are no longer the magazine's publishers, the guys remain our "editors of honor" and will be able to participate at any moment.

We know that many of you are wondering what will become of the content of the magazine now that it is digital-only. We can assure you that we will continue to bring you the same high-quality, informative articles that you have come to expect from us. In addition, we will be debuting some new features that we think you will enjoy.

So, be sure to check back often, and thanks for your continued support!

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"History and Artifacts from America's Sporting Tradition"

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