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July - August 2018 Issue 


Want: Older Archery Items. Recurve and longbows by Bear, Wing, Howatt and others. Also company catalogs, quivers, arrows, etc. Contact: Gary at (920) 589-4491.     


Looking for information (history and photos) on state hunting, fishing, trapping licenses -- both pins and paper. Doing research for articles and possible book. Interested in all regions. Contact: 336-593-9477    


NEW BOOK: Behind the Back Shelf, by H & FC Senior Field Editor, Ron Koch is now available. All the Back Shelf columns of the last 7 years and the stories behind them are in this delightful book. As a special thank you to all H & FC readers we are offering the book for only $15 post paid. Go to to order by credit card or Pay Pal. Or send $15 check or MO for each book desired to Ron Koch, 5023 Rivermoor Drive, Omro, WI 54963   

Wanted: Any articles, photographs, advertising flyers, etc. about “Mr. X” / Sibley decoys. Let me know what you have. Call Stan at (336) 593-9477.     Dec/17 

“WHISPERING WINGS & WOODEN BLOCKS” This long out of print book by Ron Koch is now available in soft cover online for only $15 including shipping.   Go to and click on ”other books” to order by Pay Pal or credit card. Limited supply, so hurry.   

Looking for Old, out-of-print “Decoy Publications”? I’ve got ‘em! Toller Trader, original Decoy Collector’s Guides, nearly all out-of-print Decoy books, Magazines, and Decoy show booklets – Easton Waterfowl Festival booklets from 1971. Bourne, Oliver, & Guyette Auction catalogs. Call me: Dick McIntyre – C.O.D. (843) 466-0250    


Decoy making supplies: Your source for Tupelo, Basswood, White Cedar, high density Tan Cork. Knotts Knives has supplies for the hand carver and power carver: brushes, paint,

glass eyes, epoxy, sandpaper, aprons, Foredom. Knotts Knives, 5549 Spinnaker Drive,

Salisbury, Md 21801, Phone: 1-800-388-6759      


2017 Decoy List, Request for list with pictures. John Freimuth, (708) 361-4343, Email:        

For Sale: Raven’s Way offers a wide range of Antique and Contemporary Waterfowl Decoys, Shorebirds, and Fish Decoys, plus some Quality Country Antiques. Visit us at If you do not find something you like, please tell us your interests. Thank you for your business. Jim & Kathy Twining.  

Have you seen our new website? Multiple images of every decoy. Larger thumbnails.     Streamlined menus. More content. A clear discussion of why you should consider working with us. Still offering over 150 quality decoys in original paint with full money-back guarantee. Updated daily. The best decoy website is now better than ever!    

Email Decoy List:  Old working decoys for sale, primarily Chesapeake Bay & Chincoteague, but also some from other areas/regions.  Limited number of decoys by high-profile contemporary carvers also available.   Email or call Jim Trimble @ 703-768-7264.  

Classic Miniatures: A collection of 24 carvings by Wm. S. Johnson of Virginia Beach.   All are replicas of: Ward Bros, Dudley, Crowell, Shourds, Ira Hudson, English, Charles Birch, Cobb & Joe Lincoln. Contact Rennie @ 402-432-0108 or


Crowell Black Duck-Hoover rig, Shang Wheeler working Black Duck, Ward Pintail Drake, D. W. Nichol Ring-necked Drake, Bob White Green-winged Teal hen, Harris Wild Duck Decoys working Green-winged Teal pair, Tinny Robin Snipe. MASONS:  Shorebirds:  Curlew, Black-bellied Plover, Robin Snipe, Split tail Yellowlegs, Glasseye Yellowlegs, Tackeye         Yellowlegs.  Premier Mallard, Black Duck;  Challenge Coot;  Glasseye BWT Drake.

Contact: Alan G. Haid, 10 Independence Crescent, Hamilton, OH 45013 (203-655-5188) or  Visit us on the Web at:   Aug/17


Wanted to Buy: Decoys made by the Realistic Decoy Co. of Kewaunee, Wisconsin,1930's-1940's. looking for O/P Canvasback, Bluebill or Mallard decoys. Will consider re-paints depending on condition. Contact Curt Marsolek, 918-314-4600(c) 740-201-8071(h) e-mail:       

Wanted: Dr. Lewis Webb Hill, George Boyd and Jess Blackstone carvings and decoys. Write or call: Jim Cullen, PO Box 888, Rye, NH 03870 or .  Also see       

Call Me First - I will pay good prices for good original paint Mason and Wildfowler decoys. Vaughn Walters, Grand River Decoys, (660)707-1389 Web Site:   

Wanted: Wisconsin decoys and other Wisconsin sporting memorabilia.   Especially interested in Evans Factory, Moak, Resop, Strey, Milwaukee Museum and Stoughton school carvers. Herb Desch, 6 E. Scott Street #3, Chicago, IL   60610. (312) 337-7957 or email:     

Want: Decoys in Original Paint by top makers. For purchase or consignment. All Transactions held in strict confidence. Write or call: Russ Goldberger, PO Box 60, Rye, NH 03870.   (603) 433-1770 or Visit our web site at:     

Wanted: Sibley / “Mr. X” decoys in original paint.   Send photos/descriptions to: P.O. Box 40, Lawsonville, NC 27022. Or call (336) 593-9477.     

Decoys Wanted: Paying top dollar for classic old decoys in excellent original condition. Individual decoys or entire collections. Quiet and discreet. CLASSIC DECOYS, Alan G. Haid, 21 Outlook Drive, Darien, CT 06820. (203) 655-5188.             
Help--Collector: Wants, Evans and C. V. Wells Factory;   Frisque, Green, WI; and other Wisconsin carvers. Interested in all species. Have some extras for trade or sale. Ed Wojciechowski, days (920) 751-1151 or eve. (920) 982-2960 or E-mail:    

Cash Paid—Any Honest, Old Decoy made in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina or Louisiana. We specialize in Southern Decoys. Collectable Old Decoys, Dick McIntyre, 158 Jasmine Hall Road, Seabrook, SC 29940.   (843) 466-0250     

 Owl Decoys Wanted. Paying top dollar. Herter's, Swisher and Soule (metal,) individual carvers. Write or call: Russ Goldberger, PO Box 60, Rye, NH 03870. (603) 433-1770 or   Visit our web site at:     

Would like your help on book being planned on "Mr. X (Sibley) Decoys."  Need photos and historical information.  All photos and other items will be safely returned to sender.  Please send information to Stan at: P.O. Box 40; Lawsonville, NC 27022.     Dec/17


Trade Elk Hunt in New Mexico Mountains for high grade fishing lures & reels. Call Rick at: 575-354-0365


Trade Elk Hunt in New Mexico Mountains for high grade fishing lures & reels. Call Rick at: 575-354-0365

White Deer Trading Post offers fish decoys, fish plaques, old fishing tackle, duck decoys and folk art carvings for sale. Online catalog at E-mail: or phone 715-525-2299. Brad, Annie and Tina Kimball Dec/17

Old Fish Spearing Decoys: FISHDECOY.NET features the world's largest selection of collectible spearing decoys from rare, early, folk art examples to the finest works by today's master carvers. Our massive, online catalog offers something for everyone and is easily navigated. We also offer authentication, appraisal, collection dispersal and broker services. We actively buy and sell fish decoys and have interest in acquiring fish decoys from private sources. Please visit, email  or phone 651-439-1110 with inquiries.     

Wanted: Fish Carvings on Plaques or with backing.   Carvings by Finney, McNair, Birch and Others. Please e-mail or send photo. or (732) 938-2988     

Want: Antique Fishing Rod Components. Agates & agatines, carboloys, snakes, ferrules, vintage silk thread, reel seat hardware, silk fly lines, rodmaker's catalogs, etc. Russ Gooding, PO Box 159, Hopeland, PA   17533 or call (717) 738-7330.     


 Custom Duck Calls: Hunting or Collector Grade. Will checker upon request. Made of Cocobola, Osage Orange and acrylic. Keely Gadus, 2840 Luverne Ave., Oregon, OH   43616. (419) 693-5943.     


Wanted: W.L., M.S.A., and Marbles Knives, and Axes, R.H. Ruana, Scagel, Loveless, and Morseth, and Randall Knives & Axes.   PHONE (229) 732-6982 anytime.   Gordon White, PO Box 181, Cuthbert, GA   39840.    


Wanted: Old Trapping Items. Catalogs, Guides, Books, Calendars, Watch fobs, Cardboard Lure Containers, Anything Unusual. Mark Anderson, 2501 Ranchwood Circle, Alexandria, MN 56308.   (320) 760-0853         


Wanted to buy: Miniature Pheasant Carvings 2 inch to 10 inch size Send photos to:  Feb/18                                                              

Wanted: Fish Carvings on Plaques or with backing. Carvings by Finney, McNair, Birch and Others.   Please e-mail or send photo. or (732) 938-2988     

Lynn Bogue Hunt original paintings, including saltwater fishing scenes, wanted by private collector. Paul Vartanian, 608 – 5th Ave., New York, NY 10020. (212) 245-6633.     


Restoration Services. Professional expert decoy and folk-art restoration. Over 30 years’ experience. Specializing in Mason, Crowell and other N.E. carvers. Prompt attention and service. Contact: Ken DeLong, 55 Pinewood road, P.O. Box 624, Hyannis Port, MA 02647 Phone: (508) 775-5928    

Professional Decoy Restoration: Providing a complete range of restoration services for collectors and dealers. Extensive experience with decoys and carvers from all regions of the U.S. and Canada.   Masons a specialty. Paul Fortin, PO Box 713, Hanson, MA   02341. (781) 447-2614     D

Collectable Old Decoys.   Antique American Bird Decoys are our only business. All aspects of decoy marketing. Sales. Consignments. Auction Bidding.   Appraisals. Experienced Consulting. Dick McIntyre/Broker, Dick McIntyre/Broker, 158 Jasmine Hall Road, Seabrook, SC 29940. (843) 466-0250     

Buyer, Seller, Broker, Consultant, Auction Representation: 30 years’ experience dealing in top-quality original paint decoys. Strict confidence. Write or call: Russ Goldberger, PO Box 60, Rye, NH 03870. (603) 433-1770. Visit the largest decoy website: Inquiries:     -77

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