What Hunting And Fishing Collectibles Magazine Is All About

Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine serves as a Clearing House of information for the many different specialty clubs and associations that exist within the H&F arena.
H&F C M publishes "Contact Person" info for the various groups as well as "Time & Place" announcements for their upcoming shows and events.

The writers of H&F C M's articles, as authorities in their fields of collecting, make substantial contributions to the growing pool of information about H&F collectibles.

Hunting&Fishing Collectibles Magazine provides a kind of cross-pollination within the hobby, thus multiplying the overall number of collectors."Information breeds interest."

H&F C Magazine Provides Major Coverage Of:

- Antique Duck Decoys -
          History, carvers, auctions

- Fishing Collectibles -
          Rods, reels, lures, plugs, flies, bobbers, tackle

- Ice Fishing Decoys, Spears, and Jigging Sticks -

- Game Bird Calls -
          Duck, goose, turkey, and others

- Collectible Hunting & Fishing Literature -
          Out-of-print books and magazines
          Hunting&fishing club records, photos, etc.

- Old Sporting Arms and Related Items - 
          Shotgun shell boxes, powder tins, wooden shipping boxes

- Collectible Wildlife & Sporting Art -
          Artist prints, calendar art, duck & wildfowl stamp art

- Old Advertisements for Hunting & Fishing Products and Equipment -

- Antique Hunting & Fishing Licenses -

  Paper, pin backs, buttons, badges, etc.

- Historic Trapping Items -

- And much much more.....

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