Welcome to Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine


Welcome to Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine

Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine, now in its 18th year, has become the authoritative
publication for serious collectors of antique and contemporary artifacts from
North America's Hunting & Fishing Tradition.

This high-end, all-color, 84-page, bi-monthly publication is a "collectible" in its own right as well as a
must-have reference source for individuals who want to invest intelligently in the
Hunting & Fishing sector of America's General Antique Trade.

The magazine focuses on such artifacts as - old wooden duck decoys, ice-fishing decoys, fishing tackle
(rods, reels, lures, etc.), firearms (guns, shotshell boxes, advertising posters, calendars, die-cuts, etc.),
sporting art and sculpture, duck and turkey calls, archery equipment, hand-wrought traps,
sporting literature (books, magazines, catalogs, etc.).

H&FC Magazine reports regularly on Auctions, Shows, Exhibits, and other special events where antique and contemporary
Hunting & Fishing Artifacts are bought, sold, traded, and/or exhibited.
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