Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine, now in its 16th year, has become the authoritative publication for serious collectors of antique and contemporary artifacts from North America's Hunting & Fishing Tradition.

This high-end, all-color, 84-page, bimonthly publication is a "collectible" in its own right as well as a must-have reference source for individuals who want to invest intelligently in the Hunting & Fishing sector of America's General Antique Trade.

The magazine focuses on such artifacts as - old wooden duck decoys, ice-fishing decoys, fishing tackle (rods, reels, lures, etc.), firearms (guns, shot shell boxes, advertising posters, calendars, die-cuts, etc.), sporting art and sculpture, duck and turkey calls, archery equipment, hand-wrought traps, sporting literature (books, magazines, catalogs, etc.).

H&FC Magazine reports regularly on Auctions, Shows, Exhibits, and other special events where antique and contemporary Hunting & Fishing Artifacts are bought, sold, traded, and/or exhibited.
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Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine goes out to several thousand serious collectors of hunting and fishing antiques and artifacts every other month -- 6 issues per year.

Our Latest Issue: Volume 16 Number 4, July - August, 2016

Volume 16 Number 4, July - August, 2016 / National Show Report - Vintage Long Island Shorebirds II - Rare Indiana Fishing Tackle - Hanson Teal Rig - Frank Mattie's Pintail Masterpieces - Passenger Pigeon Art

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The articles in Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine are written by individuals and dealers who are recognized authorities in their special fields of collecting. The magazine itself is printed on heavy, glossy stock and is mailed to subscribers in a polybag for protection.

Most of our subscribers view H&FC not only as a valuable source of information, but as a collectible in its own right.

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